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Audit Pros

Protect your clients and your time in the event of an IRS audit.

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A team of PROs at your service

Simply put, we offer straightforward personal audit assistance. Our experienced staff of tax professionals, CPAs and EAs will create a course of action best suited to the taxpayer’s needs, leaving the tax professional free from the strain and worry of handling the audit. Remember, being prepared is half the victory.

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Tax Professionals

Let’s face it, while you love your clients, you are not necessarily thrilled to see them when they come in holding an IRS letter in their hand. Based on feedback from tax professionals, we removed the hassle out of audit assistance and made it user-friendly, efficient, and best of all, rewarding. Now you can focus on growing your business, and we'll take care of resolving your clients’ audit cases.

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Receiving a federal or state audit notice in the mail can make your clients feel overwhelmed and confused. While terms like “Qualified Domestic Relations Order” might be familiar to you, to them it’s like trying to understand text in a foreign language. Audit Pros does the heavy lifting while allowing you to provide your clients assurance and peace of mind.



Got questions? We have answers.
  • Q: If one of my client’s is audited due to a legitimate preparer error, will they be covered if they purchased a contract with Audit Pros?

    A: Yes, they will be covered up to $2500 for a reimbursement payment to cover penalties, interests & tax liability when a legitimate preparer error* occurs.

  • Q: Why should I offer Audit Pros to my clients?

    A: Audit Pros removes the burden of audit assistance from your plate and allows you to focus solely on tax preparation and growing your business. It also provides the opportunity to generate additional revenue within your office.

  • Q: If my tax software isn’t integrated with Refundo or I don’t use a bank product, can my clients still purchase Audit Pros?

    A: Yes, Audit Pros will have payment options available to everyone via the Refundo dashboard. You will need to collect the fees upfront and then submit payment when you are billed.

  • Q: If one of my client’s is audited and it was NOT due to a legitimate preparer error, will they be covered if they purchased a contract with Audit Pros?

    A: Yes, they will be covered for professional audit assistance from Audit Pros.

  • Q: How and where can I view the status of my client’s claim?

    A: You can view the status of your client’s claim and submitted documents any time via the Refundo dashboard.

  • Q: I’ve received an audit letter from the IRS. What is the next step?

    A: Your next step is to gather the letter you received from the IRS and a copy of the tax return for the tax year you are being audited. Then, you must submit this information to our Audit Pros claims department via the “Where’s my Refundo?” app, or via email at

  • Q: If I purchase Audit Pros, how long is the coverage of my tax return?

    A: Audit Pros will provide you audit assistance for up to three full years from the time you file your return.

  • Q: Will Audit Pros provide representation in the event I have to go to court?

    A: Audit Pros will not provide representation in the event of court proceedings, however, one of our claims professionals will go over your case with you and help prepare you for possible scenarios/questions.

  • Q: What happens after I submit the IRS letter and tax return to the claims department?

    A: A claims professional will be assigned to your case for review and they will contact you regarding any further documentation needed to support your claim.

  • Q: I received an audit letter from the IRS but I didn’t purchase a contract with Audit Pros at the time I had my taxes prepared. Is it too late to purchase a contract?

    A: It’s never too late with Audit Pros! You can purchase an Audit Pros contract through the “Where's my Refundo?” app at the time you receive an audit letter from the IRS**.

* A “legitimate preparer error” consists of an error made by a tax preparer who complied with all applicable laws, rules and regulations and exercised due diligence. Audit Pros offers payment up to $2,500 for penalties, interest, and tax liability should a legitimate preparation error occur. (Excludes: AK,AR,CT,ID,ME,ND,NH,RI,TN,PR,WA)
**Different rate applies when not purchased at time of filing.

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