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Getting Set Up

  • 1. Login or Setup a TaxSlayer Pro account

    Login at Please speak with your account representative for your login and password.

    Login with your Username and Password.

    Under Company Settings, select Yes for "Are you offering bank products this season?"

    After answering the question above, you should be taken to the Bank Information Screen. Simply select Refundo from the drop down menu where it asks, "What bank product provider will you use this tax season (August 1, 2015 - July 31, 2016)?" and click on Save Application.

    Answer all the questions on the Bank Information Section and click on SAVE APPLICATION AND GO TO NEXT STEP.

    Establish any add-on you want to charge in addition to the standard Technology and Transmission Fee if desired. Once completed, click on Submit Application at the bottom of the page.

    Before submiting your bank application to Refundo, ensure all your information is correct. On the left-hand column, click on Company Info, review all of the information and click on the Save button at the bottom.

    Additionally please review the information on the EFIN Owner, Business Owner and IRS FORM W9 from the Refundo Bank Application page. Once completed, select the checkbox to indicate that you are ready to send the completed application. Your application will be locked for editing. At the bottom of the screen click on SUBMIT APPLICATION to complete the process.

    Once submitted, the Refundo Bank Application page will reflect Application Status: Complete. You may check the status of your application any time by clicking the blue Check Approval Status button.

  • 2. Login to our Dashboard

    Once approved, we will send you an approval email that will instruct you to login to our dashboard and complete the final steps.

  • 3. Review

    Upon registration, you will be asked to review bank manual and complete compliance requirements.

  • 4. You're all set!

    You are good to go! Please confirm that the information we have in our system is correct and checkout all the additional products and services Refundo offers.

We’re here to help you, please contact us if you have questions.