Pay one flat rate for
each bank product

refund transfer $34.95 per bank product
  • No hidden costs: Our bank products have no setup fees, delayed deposits or additional costs.
  • Add-on bank products: Each additional bank product is only $10.
  • Instant funding: We collect your fees and transfer them electronically to your bank account.
  • Flexible deposits: Send your earnings on a daily or monthly basis to your bank account.
Connect $50/month per EFIN
Save 30% if paid annually / $300 a year
  • Increase client base: Connect helps you reach taxpayers all over the country.
  • Customize: Add your office branding, colors, and logo to the interface.
  • Security: Data stored on the device and transmitted is encrypted from end-to-end.
  • Live Chat: Chat securely with your clients anytime to address any questions or concerns.
AUDIT PROtection $44.95 per Audit Pros contract
$39.95 at individual offices
  • Extended protection: We provide support for up to three years from filing time.
  • More coverage: Audit assistance for both federal and state.
  • Low cost: Opportunity to generate additional revenue for your business.
  • Flexible payment options: Ability to purchase via bank product, credit card, or ACH.


Got Questions? We have answers
  • Q: How much does Refundo cost?

    A: Refundo's fees are simple. We only charge $34.95 for our refund transfer product. While your tax software may have additional charges, Refundo's fee structure is still lower than other processors, giving you and your clients the price advantage.

  • Q: Where can my clients cash Refundo checks?

    A: As part of our CheckSelect program, we currently have BB&T, Capital One, BBVA Compass and Walmart as options. Our goal is to continue placing strong footholds with great partners across the country. This helps facilitate your needs and provide options for success.

    Having more bank options will enable you to better serve your clients. As you are probably aware, check cashers charge about 2-3% to cash a refund check. This can be a significant portion, depending on the tax refund amount. On our side, we keep it simple. Your clients can cash their checks for under $8 nationwide. We understand the value our program adds to you, your clients, and your overall business.

  • Q: I'm a Service Bureau. Can I use Refundo?

    A: Yes, we love working with Service Bureaus. In fact we offer an excellent Service Bureau management utility called SB Center that gives you access to information at all levels of your organization including fees, revenue, daily activity, centralized reporting, check printing capabilities and more.

  • Q: How can taxpayers check on their refund status?

    A: Refundo offers several ways to do this. First, they can check the IRS Website for information. We recommend that they download our Where’s My Refundo Mobile App to receive the most up to date information about the status of their refund right from their mobile phone. The app is available on iOS and Android. Otherwise, your clients can call Refundo's customer service team at (908) 445-5544.

  • Q: What tax software do you work with?

    A: Refundo is fully integrated with or is able to work automatically alongside all major tax software products on the market today.

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